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You know how beneficial massage can be; otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting this website!

As an employer you also know how important it is for your human resources to be following the work health & safety guidelines at your workplace. But with any guideline, it needs to be encouraged and supported by management.

We offer seated massages at your office or workplace. These massages are also great for corporate and social events. Bookings are available for 2 hours or more, which translates to around 8 people enjoying 15 minute massages.

A Workplace Massage Includes:

  • A short Postural Assessment and a Range of Motion Test can be performed before a targeted seated massage, lasting 10-15 minutes. The office massage takes place directly through clothing and can be performed next to the employee’s workstation or in a quiet room at your discretion.
  • A range of recommended stretches or self-massage techniques can also be demonstrated to assist in self-management, a further 10-15 minutes and is considered as optional.

Provide your staff with a workplace massage as part of a WHS training:

This initiative demonstrates your corporate responsibility and the value that you place on your people. This will validate your business as one that takes the initiative to enact pro-active measures, making your organisation an “employer of choice” through your workplace wellbeing programs.

Reciprocal action is assured when you encourage staff to take the required break from their workstation and supplement it with a workplace massage.

seated massage
Corporate massage
seated massage

:: The Benefit to your Business ::

Rewarding and motivating staff through a regular workplace massage program benefits your business or organisation by:

Human Resource

Corporate workplace massage therapy programs address your employee’s workplace wellbeing. Massage therapy is an excellent way to attract, reward and retain valuable staff.

Increase Productivity

High stress and low morale can affect the bottom line in any business.

This initiative can assist in reducing absenteeism and boost productivity and drive.

Employees Wellbeing / Health Maintenance

Your most valuable asset is locked in your ‘human resource’.

Addressing workplace stress can resolve back, neck and shoulder stress complaints and create an environment that is conducive to optimum performance.

Project Deadlines

Corporate workplace massage can be used to beat the stress associated with an intensive project or simply to assist your team to work effectively towards an important deadline or upcoming product launch.

Our Workplace Packages can reward them for their dedication and effort.

Corporate Workplace Packages:

Workplace massage services are offered in a variety of packages to suit progressive public and private sector organisations from large to small business.

We highly recommend implementing regular massage therapy sessions as part of your workplace wellbeing program and can advise on how to do this.


5-10 minute massages (fully clothed). This is great for a quick de-stressing the shoulders neck and head. It can help to alleviate tension, tightness, headaches and pain. Therapist provides the massage to staff at their desk, with minimal interruption to the flow of work.

Investment: $90/hour for a minimum of 2 hours. * 

* Investment for treatments under 2 hours is $100/hour per therapist.


10-20 minute fully clothed workstation massages using an ergonomic massage chair for a more complete massage of the back, shoulders, neck, head and arms. This allows the person to step away from their workstation and receive a thorough treatment of any problem areas identified in a postural assessment or through ROM tests. This is ideal for desk-bound people, to assist in improved posture after endless hours at a computer. Improves flexibility and circulation and boosts staff enthusiasm. Gentle music can be played to enhance relaxation and our therapist provides recommendations on posture, stretching and stress management. This option is ideally held in a meeting room or spare office space.

Investment: $100/hour for a minimum of 2 hours. *
* Investment for treatments under 2 hours is $110/hour per therapist.


30-60 minute relaxing or remedial table massages. A more complete treatment to address a person’s individual tension areas (clothed or unclothed with towel drapes). This complete therapeutic massage helps staff achieve optimal work-life balance, and is specifically designed to improve and sustain physical mobility and health. Sessions can include the back, shoulders, legs and feet. This option is ideally held in a private meeting room or office.

 Investment: $110/hour of a minimum of 2 hours.*
* Investment for treatments under 2 hours is $120/hour per therapist.

Regular Bookings:

Subsequent bookings of treatment as part of your workplace wellbeing program attract a 10% discount on your investment. To provide the best care for your organisation, we recommend regular monthly or quarterly bookings which attract up to 20% discount.

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