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Find the freedom to Live more Authentically now!

The World Health Organisation has defined health as follows:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a process of becoming, experienced by the individual. It is a persons unfolding as they co-create patterns of relating with people and environments, not a person’s adapting or coping. Health is a person’s lived experiences, arising out of a synthesis of values – to be authentic with one’s self.”

We can learn to move from merely coping with life’s challenges to have the freedom of living a much fuller life. Actively living our ethics through our relationships is the modeling that our children need and addresses the generational gift that we can give, to them and ourselves!

Why do this workshop?

It is in connecting with our feelings and our true selves at the critical time of life’s transition that enables us to seek the answers and address matters with more clarity in a healthy way.

  • To live mindfully is to feel more competent.
  • Competency and confidence in our ability to think, ability to cope with the basic troubles that arise in our personal lives or in our careers – allows for life to work better.
  • The more solid our self-esteem, the more disposed we are to form nourishing rather than toxic relationships.
  • The value lies not merely in the fact that it allows us to feel better but that it allows us to live better – to respond to challenges and opportunities more resourcefully and more appropriately.
  • With mind/body/spiritual congruency in our life, the more resilient and better equipped we are to pick ourselves up after a fall; the more energy we have to begin anew.

“If our self esteem is low, we feel powerless and we become aware of the lack in our lives. As we find ourselves more confident on the recovery road we begin to find value and power within and abundance all around us.”

Pia Mellody, therapist, lecturer and author. Director of The Meadows Arizona, USA

What will I get out of it?

The workshop delivers tools and resources that you can practice in order to heighten your awareness to living consciously and be more congruent with integrating mind, body and spirit, so that your life and relationships can work better and you have healthy functioning and positive wellbeing.

You are provided with course materials and the information is presented in an interesting manner within a supportive environment. The concepts are discussed and work-shopped to make it real in your life’s circumstances.

For further information, to read feedback and comments from previous participants or to register your interest in participating in a workshop – please provide your details by following the click below. We will forward you an info pack with pricing and contact you to discuss the next available workshop.


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