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Resources for Healthy and Authentic Living:

Tools 4 Life is an experiential workshop where you will be able to learn about:

  • Living and being more connected
  • Getting our needs and wants met
  • Effective communication techniques
  • How to have healthy boundaries
  • Confronting our truth
  • Protecting our reality
  • Understanding loss and grief
  • How we mask unmanageable issues
  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Traits of a healthy family
  • Strategies that work

“I believe personal disconnection leads to loneliness, depression, despair, sometimes suicide or a quality of life that is so much less than it could be. Each and everyone of us are somehow disconnected and in need of a support system. Without one people will often turn to unhealthy medicators or behaviours for their profound loneliness and issues of unmanageability.”

Lorraine Wood, Director & Cofounder South Pacific Private

Feedback and Comments:

Tools 4 Life is a confidential process but here is some of the feedback and comments from previous participants:

  • “I’m going to work in the evening in a totally different state of mind. In stead of spending my day going over and over a whole lot of negative thoughts in my head, I am in a positive state of mind. I feel better about myself!”
  • “We have covered some things I haven’t thought about before.”
  • “It has given me a sense of empowerment and direction in life.”
  • “It’s good that it’s experiential, I’m getting a lot from the group.”
  • “I needed to revisit this┬ámaterial some of which I have covered before, often without getting a good understanding. This time I’m understanding it.”
  • “My expectations were more than met in regards to helping me become more in tune with my emotions. It has allowed me to better heal myself and my relationships.”

Please be aware these workshops are only conducted in the Blue Mountains area west of Sydney Australia.

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Mid-week Workshops are run one morning OR evening per week for 6 weeks.
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