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The benefits of home massage are plentiful – no traveling, no traffic, no waiting room, but most of all a massage at home allows you to remain in the most comfortable place you know:

Your Home!

And Now our Relaxation Massage is only $85 –

Why organise your schedule around a clinic’s timetable when you can have a therapist come to you during the day, after work, of an evening or weekend. With our after-hours service there is no need to travel out in the cold, rainy weather or arrange for a child-minder.

Feel your body relax, re-connect and let your mind drift peacefully. Indulge yourself with a luxurious one-hour massage experience in the privacy of your own home. After your therapist leaves, you can prolong the relaxation by staying comfortably in your own safe haven – rest with a cup of herbal tea, laze in the bath or go straight to bed for a rejuvenating sleep.

You have the privilege to get off the table without having to get dressed again and do whatever you want to do afterwards – YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Sports Treatment:

By incorporating our sports treatment with your massage you can focus on obtaining optimum performance and minimise muscle fatigue and injury. This is a great way to supplement your training regime after the gym, your jogging / cycling program or the post match competition.

Don’t wait until pain or stress becomes a problem. With a regular appointment each week, fortnight or month – we can help you stay in shape and feel great.

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A Home Massage includes:

  • We aim to arrive 15 minutes early to set up our equipment and create the ambiance for you to enjoy your massage session.
  • Depending on your choice of massage – relaxation, remedial or sports – we provide a postural assessment, range of motion and any special tests to develop the most appropriate treatment plan specifically tailored for you.
  • Then relax and enjoy your therapeutic massage.
  • We finish by demonstrating a range of recommended stretches or self-massage techniques to assist in self-management where appropriate.

Home Massage Services:

Remedial and Sports massage require diploma level skill and expertise from our therapist, so why not invest in yourself for $110/Hr. But that doesn’t discount the level of service offered in a Swedish booking and the whole experience of our Relaxation massage normally for $110, now only $85/Hr over the Summer months.*

Supplement your massage with Cryotherapy or Thermotherapy for $60 per 1/2 hour#

Advantage Solutions:

* Alternatively, join our Solutions Membership Program and receive even more savings with 25-45% discount on our regular price for any therapy. That’s up to an affordable $60/Hr for the convenience of an at home – after hours” massage!

#The affordability of Solutions Membership allows for hot towel and ice treatments – reduced to $30 per 1/2 hour. If you’re an Advantage + solutions member – that represents a complementary free add-on for the cost of our normal service every time you book!

Booking Requirements:

When making a booking, please allow 15 mins before the treatment for possible traffic delays and setting up.

When making your first booking, you’ll receive a free gift to help you recreate your experience – absolutely complementary as a gesture of our appreciation for choosing us.

Please ensure an area large enough for a massage table is available and cleared well before the therapist arrives and that the room temperature is at a comfortable level. It is desirable for this area to be a quiet secluded space where you won’t be interrupted or disturbed. Download our free guide to help create your own relaxation space at home.

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