Gallery is the go!

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Gallery is the go!

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A.D. created a gallery space this year by converting her unused garage. Turns out that it’s not only an extra space for the family to chill – but it’s a perfect place for a massage.

“I didn’t know where I could have a massage until I remembered the gallery. I must say I did feel a little strange having all those faces looking at me – but they’re familiar friends now.”

We can provide you with a massage anywhere in your environment! As long as it’s large enough for a massage table, private enough for your security and the temperature is appropriate enough for your comfort.

“When my session finished off with that gentle traction on the neck, I felt a metre taller. The scalp massage and the magical hair pull really capped it off! I felt aligned and reconnected.”

Like A.D., you can enjoy the ease and convenience of experiencing an Enhance Connections massage in your own personal unique space. Visit our home page for a Free Guidebook to assist you in creating your relaxation space.

While you’re there, why not book your massage for when you want it – and we’ll do the rest!

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