Family benefits

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Family benefits

P.J. organised for an after work remedial massage to tackle an ongoing neck and upper back-pain issue. He realised that to address this, he’d need a treatment plan for regular massages over 2-3 months or so.

When it was pointed out to P.J. that for an extra $20 on what he’d pay over that period, an Advantage Solutions membership would deliver 6 massages over 6 months. The beauty of Solutions membership is that the price is locked in for the whole period. You can take these 6 massages at anytime during the period and if you use them all in the first half, any additional massages are guaranteed at the same low price.

By doing this, it allowed P.J. to have an extra 2 massages up his sleeve for maintenance of his condition and the opportunity to gift additional massages at the same price to family and friends within the 6 month period.

“Once the family knew about the chance to get a massage as well, they were all lined up. Now the whole family actually looks forward to supporting dad’s back complaint!” 

There are 3 Solutions membership packages; Basic Solutions (3 months), Advantage Solutions (6 months) and Advantage Plus (12 months). All offer the same preferred pricing for any additional massages ordered in any month while you are a Solutions Member. Now there’s a solution for the whole family!

Find out more about Solutions membership features and competitive pricing.

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