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::  Corporate Events  ::

Want people to remember you? – Want to stand out in the crowd?

Event massage is the perfect way to make your function, event, corporate stand or party unforgettable. A 5-10 minute neck and shoulder massage is a unique way to draw potential customers to your corporate stand or make that product launch stand out.

Massage therapy captures the attention of prospective clients and keeps them at your stand longer. A chair massage service can help maintain focus and enthusiasm for your organisation – a must for any conference or corporate event.

Promoting your business by offering potential customers a quick but rewarding massage can entice walk-ins off the street and cause them to stay longer in your shop or premises.

A Corporate Event Massage Includes:

  • A neck and shoulder fully-clothed seated massage with comfortable, ergonomic massage chair is designed to uplift and pamper guests or delegates at your next event. #
  • Each massage lasts between 5-10 minutes. (This is pre-arranged according to your wishes)

::  Sporting Events  ::

Want optimum performance? – Want to manage your fitness?

For fitness centres and the like, our seated massage is the perfect adjunct to your member’s workout and warm-down routine. Incorporating sports treatments as an event massage at your centre can be the “value adding” component that your membership offers over your competitors – enhancing recruitment prospects and membership retention through rewarding your customers.

A Sports Massage can benefit competitors of organised sporting activities and their clubs by limiting Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) which is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.

A Sports Event Massage Includes:

  • A pre-event massage uses fast and invigorating movement to stimulate muscles and soft tissue – this treatment prepares the body and enlivens the athlete ready for action by increasing circulation for the event. (Treatments lasts approx. 5-10 minutes.)
  • A post-event massage uses slow and firm pressure using oils – this type of treatment concentrates on problem areas of the body to help relieve pain or tension associated with muscle fatigue. (Treatment lasts approx. 15-30 minutes.)

::  Special Occasions  ::

Life is full of special occasions – why not make it memorable!

Milestones are meant to be celebrated whether it’s a Graduation, Girlfriends Getaway, Bridal Party – we would love to hear your ideas and chat with you to arrange your personal package.

Order Gift Solutions vouchers or Contact us directly to discuss your requirements. #

Event and Special Occasion Packages:

Option 1:

Workplace & Corporate Events

A 5-10 minute neck, shoulder and head seated massage fully clothed. This is great for a quick de-stressing and can help to alleviate tension, tightness, headaches and pain. (12-6 people/hour) #

Investment: $90/hour for a minimum of 2 hours. *

* Investment for treatments under 2 hours is $100/hour per therapist.

Option 2:

Pre/post Sports Event

A 15-30 minute post event sports massage at venue or ground with oil. This treatment is ideal for a warm-down regime and addresses DOMS symptoms. (4-2 people/hour)

Investment: $100/hour for a minimum of 2 hours. *

* Investment for treatments under 2 hours is $110/hour per therapist.

For Special Occasions and once-only events order Gift Solutions vouchers or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Booking Requirements:

Subsequent bookings of treatment as part of your fitness centre or club membership program will attract a 10% discount on your investment. To provide the best care for your organisation, we recommend regular monthly or quarterly bookings which attracts up to 20% discount. We try to assign the same therapist each time so they get to know the club and your members specific needs.

Enhance Connections – General Terms & Conditions

# Due to the effects of massage increasing circulation, massages are not able to be provided when clients are drinking alcohol at events. If you wish to have massages, please book them at the start of the event before people begin drinking.

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