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Tools for Life

When we feel a sense of well-being, the level of stress hormones in our bodies decrease, while the life-affirming chemistry of a powerful immune system with anti-aging properties increase. The shift between the stress response and a feeling of well-being can often happen quite quickly.

Using focused techniques designed to produce such a response are found to have such benefits upon our health are the same ones that create the resilience in our hearts. This is the key to personal resilience in life. The quality of our emotions determines the signals our hearts send to our brains.

Psychology Today says, “Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.”

Emotional intelligence possess the following skills: awareness of our own feeling state, along with being able to identify the emotions of others; the ability to harness emotions and apply them to activities like thinking and problem solving; and the ability to regulate emotions, including the ability to control our own emotions, and the ability to empathy for another person.

To live mindfully with emotional intelligence is to feel more competent. Competency and confidence in our ability to think, ability to cope with the basic troubles that arise in our personal lives or in our careers – it allows for life to work better. The more solid our self-esteem, the more disposed we are to form nourishing rather than toxic relationships.

The value lies not merely in the fact that it allows us to feel better but that it allows us to live better – to respond to challenges and opportunities more resourcefully and more appropriately. With mind/body congruency in our life, the more resilient and better equipped we are to pick ourselves up after a fall; the more energy we have to begin anew.

“If our self esteem is low, we feel powerless and we become aware of the lack in our lives. As we find ourselves more confident on the recovery road we begin to find value and power within and abundance all around us.”

Pia Mellody, therapist, lecturer and author. Director of The Meadows Arizona, USA

Emotional Tools for Life

Massage therapy is an effective tool in reconnecting and a means to address many of the conditions that result from stress, chronic or acute, and has both increased psychological and physical benefits.

In addition to massage solutions, Enhance Connections has developed a series of workshops that focus specifically on mind/body connections to build emotional intelligence. Tools 4 Life is an experiential workshop offering resources in navigating the future by understanding the past so that the participant can live more authentically in the present. The tools are simple, direct and fulfilling. You can learn more about what the workshops offer in a further article entitled Resources for Healthy and Authentic Living.

It is in connecting with our feelings and our true selves at the critical time of life’s transition and periods of acute and chronic stress that enables us to seek the answers and address matters with more clarity in a healthy way. Tools 4 Life assists in learning to move from just merely coping with life’s challenges to having the freedom of living a much fuller life.

It can be seen that for the human condition to perform at its optimum best, it relies on an integrated multifaceted and intrinsic series of connections. Enhance Connections provides solutions to assist you enhance your own connections in order to facilitate healthy functioning, emotional intelligence and overall positive wellbeing.

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