Resources for Healthy and Authentic Living

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Resources for Healthy and Authentic Living

As we’ve learned in an article entitled Enhancing your Connections, it’s not just the physical and biochemical connections but the simultaneously intimate and emotional connection of our heart and mind. The mind/body connection is an essential constituent in order to have healthy functioning and positive wellbeing, which ultimately lays a path for an enhanced spiritual connection.

It is in connecting with our feelings and our true selves at the critical time of life’s transition and periods of acute and chronic stress that enables us to seek the answers and address matters with more clarity in a healthy way. Tools 4 Life assists in learning to move from just merely coping with life’s challenges to having the freedom of living a much fuller life.

Massage therapy is an effective way to address stress. For sustained stress relief however, Enhance Connections has developed a series of workshops that focus specifically on mind/body connections to build emotional intelligence. Tools 4 Life is an experiential workshop offering resources in navigating the future by understanding the past so that the participant can live more authentically in the present. The tools are simple, direct and fulfilling.

The workshops deliver resources that can be practice in order to heighten awareness in living consciously and to be more congruent with integrating mind, body and spirit; so that life and relationships can work better and you have healthy wellbeing and authentic living.

How can I incorporate this in my life?

Tools 4 Life is an experiential workshop where you will be able to learn about:

  • Living and being more connected
  • Building resilience through emotional intelligence
  • Getting our needs and wants met
  • Effective communication techniques
  • How to have healthy boundaries
  • Confronting our truth
  • Protecting our reality
  • Understanding loss and grief
  • How we mask unmanageable issues
  • Healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Traits of a healthy family
  • Strategies that work

What will I get out of it?

You are provided with course materials and the information is presented in an interesting manner within a supportive environment. The concepts are discussed and work-shopped to make it real in your life’s circumstances.

Tools 4 Life is a confidential process, for further information or to read feedback and comments from previous participants or to register your interest in participating in a workshop – please provide your details by following the link below. We will forward you an info pack with pricing and contact you to discuss the next available workshop.

Tools 4 Life

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