Healthy habits that can help to ease anxiety (via ABC News)

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Healthy habits that can help to ease anxiety (via ABC News)

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Most of us have experienced the racing heart, sweaty palms, feelings of dread and snowballing worries that are the calling cards of anxiety.

Feeling anxious or stressed when you’re going for a job interview or moving house is not unusual. It’s how most us respond when we’re under pressure or feeling threatened. Usually these feelings fade once we feel safe.

One in four of us will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in our lives, so this means we’ll find our heart races and our worries snowball, without any obvious cause and more often than we would expect. Very few of us function well if we don’t get enough sleep, but research shows insomnia is closely associated with anxiety as both a symptom and a potential trigger.

The good news is most people will be able to get a handle on their anxiety with the right treatment, which might involve psychological therapies, medication or e-therapies.

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